CESTAINSI [pronounced Seth Hencey . Set'n See . 71SI . 7'n Cie . sayanything]
is an art direction studio from Paris.We provide services such as
graphic design, video, type design, 3D, music, and illustration.
Above all, we're simply a solid group of friends.


T12" LP Gatefold
CD Gatefold
NY, LA, LDN venues posters
Double-sided scarf
Fall Tour poster
Singles covers
Single venues posters




Mulberry Violence, the first record of Trevor Powers under his own name, takes a rusty trowel to this sound and disembowels it. Indie rock, with its rounded edges and primary colors, is gone. The drums are broken, loud, and looped, and they splatter when they hit. The silences are thicker, they yawn wider, and the sounds they separate tend to clip out like shorting wires. Mulberry Violence leaps with both feet: You get the sense that Powers wouldn’t rest until he looked over his shoulder and Youth Lagoon, his previous abandoned project, was nowhere to be seen.