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A night in the VIP Room's early 2000. Glitters and champagne everywhere, a luxury fantasy in which confidence is key, loud music and paparazzi flashes, all together celebrating fashion with enthusiasm.

What's the meaning of a crew to us ? A sunny day with friends, nature, some paint and action ... happiness.

Scanned silk scarfs with some Photoshop transparent background are always a fun combo.

A black belt karateka, standing on stage surrounded by speakers, cracking skulls with wild rhythms. In the crowd, it's impossible to distinguish pogos from group hugs. Blood and joy, tears and sweat, that's all it takes for a successful night.

Cloth custom for magazine editorial. Two unique Happy People pieces for the Novembre Magazine Mothership Great encounters leading to great projects, lifeproof clothing to skydive peacefully to our destination.

Boiler Room 20/21 merchandising. Looming in the dark forest, the boiler shroom is scheming his next dj set. Between trees and humidity, nature grows and comes to life, flowers rave and mushrooms stamp their feet in unison, lost between dreams and nightmares.

Music video for Ultra Records. In a devastated world where all the rainbow colours disappeared, Panteros666 and his sidekick embark on an epic adventure in the hope of freeing them. Between overflowing lava and rays of hope, this quest is just waiting for you to begin.

Designed with Alex McCullough. What do computers think humans are ? And ultimately, what makes us human ? What is humanity ? A music record made using synthesized voices technology certainly calls for a dialog between the machine and the human. Among IA GAN imagery, calligraphy, and emojis, the elements are reinterpretated by a cutting plotter and confronted to purely digital images to shape a beautiful dream.

Art direction for San Francisco Santos launch with Bureau Betak. As Cartier celebrates its understanding of the future based on its heritage with a 2 days event, we directed videos highlighting the beauty of this watch within its smallest details, magnetic screw, infinity dial, lighting strokes and other digital assets. An audio and visual feast at San Francisco’s Pier 48 filled with light installations, a red-hued entryways and LCD lighted selfie area.

The C'estainsi Garage showcases custom mashups of our dream cars, where sexy paintjobs meet deafening engines. Roll down your window, fasten your seat belt and hit the gas pedal as hard as you can.

Video work for Bureau Betak. Thought leaders, innovators and visionaries gathered at the historic birthplace of Hennessy in Cognac to explore the convergence of creativity and environment, diversity and artificial intelligence — and how those issues are already reshaping our world. Star builder, Plasma physicist, Poet of code, Entrepreneur, Author, Astronaut and other high class talents were reunited in a little chrome caravan, we made a video to ask them few questions.

Bleach destiny on the road to apocalypse. Life is a difficult road strewn with pitfalls, big handbrake to dribble over the events. Donuts leave their mark on the road, our clothes have their marks too. We hope you'll wear them as proudly as we had fun making them.

Lifeproof collection. Handmade with love, wash inside out and live dangerously. (retrouver le text u’on avast déjà écrit)

Earth Defender aka heavily armored happy people still on the road to apocalypse. Shot in the mountain with handmade armor crafted with love and sweat. Always looking to bring happiness to the greatest number of people, we don’t want our creative will to have any negative impact on the wonderful world that surround us. « No more new basic teeshirts and hoodie » policy activated. We’ll keep sharing the joy and our aesthetic through these unique pieces of all shapes and size. Let’s enjoy making all together and spreading good thoughts as Earth Defenders of the Sunnyside.

It's Hunting Season again, and this time it's all about Stealth Camouflage secret techniques ! We present to you a special report from Mother Nature most intense moments, including light-speed predation, fierce seduction, and impressive displays of power. The cycle of life have never been so puzzling.

Magazine spreads for Revue Fiction. Hunting is a thousand-year-old race for survival, an history with many places. Each season is a theatre of urgency and endurance. The beast, seized by a violent passion, wears an infinity of dresses but follows only one instinct. Thus, from the first thunderous glance carpeted in the dark, to the last scream resonating in the air, fear feeds the frenzy and the prey feeds the brute.

Music video for the king of hardcore. Take a deep breath, enjoy the silence for a moment, put on your VR glasses, and hop on an adventure with the infamous sport streamer Rainer. Discover the world through a Journey of Force between the elements, show your skills, and don't forget to shred it !

As we were in Cannes covering Orelsan’s Epilogue tour during summer 2019, we had the great luck of filming a friendly sea monster coming out of the abyss for the first time, attracted by the loud music and frenetic crowd stomping the beach. Follow him on a wild ride through « Les plages electronic festival » !

The "To the earth Totem " was found on earth years after the human extinction, it appears to be one of the latest human creation to date, made in a waterless world, it stands as a testimony to the civilisation we use to know. Wood-framed pyrograved synthetic grass carpet, clay fossils sealed in thermoformed plastic highligting a visual legacy of the symbols we grew up with. Signed by Seth Hency, undated, the instalation offers a message of hope : "Led by the last cloud, filled with tears of joy, Bless the unique seed, Let us all reborn" Exhibited near "Beaubourg" in 2019

All of these scarves were created as life experience memorials, for us to never forget what we've lived and loved, and them to inspire the one wearing it. Lifeproof scarf on sell at : thehappypeoplecompany.bigcartel all others are SOLD OUT at the moment

Limited edition Tee-shirt for the Avnier + Di-meh and Slimka Collaboration. Bespoke design to match these Swiss rappers’ Extreme Energy !

Photoshoot for the Avnier and Salomon collaborative XT S-Lab 5 sneaker. Made to confront the elements, this shoe is a beast. Pictured here in it’s original habitat, she reveals her full potential.

Singles cover and release tee shirt. Our dear friends from rallye make music we all love and hope you’ll love too. All rights reserved all heart protected. Jeff is a modern knight who rise within himself.

Everything you need to know to be found in the manifesto. Words by Trevor Powers.

FORGE is a typographic foundry built in a volcano. It invites the visitor to explore its galleries, nests and core, in which typographic and sound characters live.  The whole project is based on the ambiguity between the terms 'Character Design' and 'Dessin de Caractères', raising the alphabets to the rank of characters, with their own voice. Since writing is about making speech visible, the main ambition of FORGE is to feature audible typographical characters. 

Who never dreamt of having a virtual fitting room to test all their outfits ? With lebonbourgeois photography we designed a Sims-like layout to showcase these beautiful outfits from ChezSnowbunny’s Catalogue.

Have you ever entered a shop filled with love, sparkly and beautiful clothes, and bunnies jumping around in the snow ? This is pretty much what ChezSnowbunny feels like, here’s the identity we designed for her.

The Orgues de Flandre, Paris, are a modern take on monumental gothic architecture that inspired the bespoke typeface Ogre, by its utopian ambition and its dystopian desillusions. Among intriguing satellite screenshots of excessively tall towers, massive buildings looming over the streets, and pages dominated by single letters, the specimen continuously perpetuates the idea of conceptual and physical degenerescence. Ogre can be purchased on FORGE.

Within the constant energy of both brands, everything is moving fast, burning, flowing and melting at the same time. Don’t blink or you’ll only see ashes.

Biannual magazine dedicated to the Body, Mind and Care created by Pascal Monfort, Sébastien Peretto, Thomas Mondémé and Golgotha. For their first issue, we got invited to create a double spread commercial. Here’s Osmose Water, a natural spring water to share only, celebrating team spirit and drawn from the sunny side of the mountains, where all animals drink together.

Born from the apocalyptic stories of sci-fi pioneer H.G. Wells, Proto.Meta.Xeno showcases the first use of Xeno bespoke typeface, building complex Middle.Space.Age ornaments alongside psychedelic asteroids illuminated artworks. Xeno can be purchased on FORGE.

Golgotha reached us to create a video representing the universe of this song for their performance in Bercy. It's dark, the rain is pouring down, the cement is soaking wet, its smell mixes with that of the exhaust pipes. Lightning, flashing neon lights, the city goes wild and we're just tiny little people in the middle of this storm.

A neverending road trip in the south-western U.S. The air is dry, the road is burning, the engine smells like hot metal. You take a small break in a gas station to soothe the sound of ticking metal. You go for it again. Frenetic cartoons meet powerful letters. This is the mood, you are in Western Vices.

Ermenegildo Zegna runway show led design with Bureau Betak, in Milano Stazione Centrale plunged into darkness. We designed train station-inspired LED panels to accompany visitors during this travel.

Welcome to the Fantasy Factory Feel the urge to run in the grass, eyes wrinkled by the summer sun, the smell of hot latex fills the air, you start bouncing endlessly in a feeling of ecstasy. Let’s go back to childhood.

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We provide services such as art direction, graphic design, video, type design, 3D, music, and illustration, with a strong will for research and exploration. Above all, we’re simply a solid group of friends.

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